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Your Ratings and Reviews

Star Ratings and Reviews

We all know the value of a good reputation and the pitfalls of a bad one.  As the customer, you are key to a business' reputation online? 

Whenever you make an Online Booking via MiQuando, if the business has asked us to, we will automatically send you an invitation by email to provide a Star Rating and write a brief Review of your experience.  By sharing honest feedback of your experiences of any given business in the form of Ratings, Review, and Recommendations on MiQuando, you are helping other consumers make better informed choices.

Take the opportunity to help others by using our Ratings and Reviews service to share your 5 star ratings given for Value, Knowledge, Reliability, Friendliness and Service, leave a Review describing your experiences and let others know whether you Recommend them (or not as the case may be).

You should always ensure that any feedback you leave meets our Terms and Conditions for reviews.

Leaving Feedback

Your Past Reviews


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