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Change Membership Levels

Selecting Membership Levels

There are 5 levels of membership for MiQuando.  The first two levels are completely free with the next 3 having different monthly fees for varying feature sets as shown on the Memberships page.   You can change your membership level either up or down at any  time as we do not tie anyone in to any term longer than 1 month (see below for examples).

 Membership Level  Cost  Features and Usage
 Simple  FREE  Simple membership works best for those just wanting the basic directory entry
 Standard  FREE  standard membership is designed for businesses wanting to try the Online Booking features and Marketing/Advertising options. 
 Silver  £7.50 per month  Silver membership is designed for those using the Online Booking services with 12 weeks calendar view and Marketing/Advertising options. 
 Gold  £12.75 per month  Gold membership is designed for businesses needing longer availability on their calendar and up to 10 resources plus Marketing/Advertising options. 
 Platinum  £24.50 per month   Platinum membership is designed for businesses wanting 12 months vailability on their calendar and unlimited resources plus Marketing/Advertising options.  

Choosing your Membership option

If you upgrade your Membership in any given month you will incur the relevant fee for the highest level of Membership you have used in that month.  If you downgrade your account to a free Membership level, that will take effect the following month.



Online Booking Costs?

Its 100% free for businesses to use MiQuando’s online calendar/diary internally, but there is a £1.00* fee for each booking when a customer makes that booking online themselvesAll bookings made by internal staff/users are free of charge.


If you have chosen an enhanced membership level then depending on your membership package you will qualify to receive a number of customer bookings free of charge (Silver - 5, Gold - 10, Platinum 20).   At the start of each month we will calculate the fees incurred (minus any free bookings) and we will send you an invoice.

* For accommodation bookings, each night is classed as a seperate booking e.g. 7 night booking incures a £7.00 fee



If you cannot find the answer to your question or problem in these help pages, please use our contact page to get in touch.