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Managing Your Bookings

Managing Your Online Bookings - Online, Email or SMS

People use Online Booking because it is convenient and they want a quick response.  No matter what they are booking, there is an expectation of a quick response. If someone is booking a table at a restaurant, they want to know that their table is reserved, tick that task off their list and move on to the next.  The quicker this happens the better.  The best kind of Customer Service is immediate, which is why we recommend using our Automatic option.


The second a customer makes a Booking Request, MiQuando™ acts immediately, working according to your settings...

Automatic Acceptance

Accept Booking ProcessMiQuando™ will immediately...

MiQuando™ can also...


Manual Acceptance

MiQuando™ will immediately...

MiQuando™ can also... 

Then wait for you to action the Booking Request.  When you Confirm
MiQuando™ will immediately...

MiQuando™ can also...


3 Ways to Manage your Bookings



From your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or even mobile device, sign-in to your MiQuando™ profile and go to your Online Bookings.

Bookings via MiQuando.comUse either the List view (below) or the Calendar view (right) to Manage your Bookings online














Via Email 

On the move and only got access to Email. Not an issue, you can Accept/Reject a Booking Request straight from the email we send you, with no need to access and sign-in to your MiQuando™ account online.

Confirm or Decline Bookings by Email 

To the left is an example of a Booking Request notification email. All that is required to Accept/Reject the Booking Request is simply click on the appropriate button.














Via SMS  

On holiday? Constantly on the move? No smartphone?  No WIFI or 3g/4G data service? 

No problem, just choose to use our SMS services to respond immediately and deliver amazing customer service.

If you have set yourself up to receive SMS notifications when you receive a Booking Request, you will receive a message similar to the one below.  Simply reply as directed and you can instantly Accept or Reject this Booking Request from wherever you are with a low costs SMS reply.

Examples of SMS Booking Management simple handset and smartphone below. 

Bookings via SMS Basic Handset

Confirm Bookings via 
SMS Smartphone

               Basic mobile handset                   Windows Smartphone handset














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